I was born in 1988 in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.


At a very young age, I started singing and never stopped since then. I remember music playing at our home, and I always imagined myself a singer on stage with the audience's eyes staring at me. This private pretend play ignited the spark for my whole life's passion, and I always cherish those childhood days.

During my school time, I listened to all kinds of music in English and got mesmerized by the language itself and various messages that songs bring to us, visual and acoustic. Even though I got a Master's Degree in English Specialty, during those university days, in particular, I started playing guitar and writing my first songs. I visited the US for the first time when I was 18. 

I came back home and graduated in 2011, and then moved back to the US right away. Here I started improving my music skills by taking singing and guitar lessons. 

Right now I am a full-time musician, songwriter, and YouTuber, based in Portland, Oregon. I release my original music along with covers and guitar video tutorials. I write songs for creative, educational projects, businesses, and individuals. 

I am open to all collaborations, productions, and performances. Please see my contact page and feel free to email me!



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