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//  Origin:  San Jose, CA
//  Genres:  Folk pop
//  Years Active:  2010- Present
//  Website:  vocalcurves.com

Irina Myachkin is a singer-songwriter and musician based out of Denver, Colorado. Born in Kazakhstan, she is of Russian heritage, and her interest in music began at a young age through an affinity for singing. After learning to play the guitar, she began writing her first original songs while in University, and has since started to perform locally in the San Jose area at both public and private events. Multi-lingual, she sings within the pop, jazz, and folk genres, and is able to incorporate these languages into her music as she performs both covers and original pieces.


Music for Irina is a way to recharge and reset, and it is something that she does purely for the passion of it. She loves being able to share her music with others and to perform live, and hopes to continue growing her audience and become a fully established singer and songwriter, releasing her work on a wider scale. Currently working on recording her music with a producer, she has hopes of releasing her first album this year, and putting together a full band for support of her original music. Currently her work can be found on popular streaming sites including Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes, and on her website vocalcurves.com




Management & Booking: vocalcurves@gmail.com