LittleTone Music
Group & Private Music Lessons
for ages 3+
General Music / Voice / Guitar / Piano / Ukulele

Located at 1125 SE Madison St #207,
Portland, OR 97214
Group & Private Music Lessons
for ages 3+
General Music / Voice / Guitar / Piano / Ukulele

Located at 1125 SE Madison St #207,
Portland, OR 97214
Music Family Night | December 17 | 2:00 - 4:30 PM
Join us with your family for the Celebration of Music in a wonderful, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere! Everyone is welcome!

• live music • kids' performances • arts & crafts • potluck

Reserve a spot now!
1/ Performers $15 per child (only if your child performs; parents - free)
2/ Guests $10 per family (if you are attending but not performing, $10 for the whole family (kids+parents).

Resound NW: A Place To Sing
1532 SW Jefferson St. Portland, OR 97201

*Make sure to indicate performing student names or Family last name, and how many kids are attending.

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Our LittleTone music programs are designed to expose young children to music and let them explore its various concepts in a fun and creative way. We strive to cherish the unity of mind, soul, and body. Thus we use an all-inclusive approach to teaching music taking all three aspects into account. Our goal is to build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music no matter which instrument is chosen later for deeper study.

The curriculum varies depending on age and program from fun & recreational to a more serious, educational process. See the details below.

Studio Policy ➜
Our Materials
We want our students to have the best learning experience.
That's why we prepare a special music bag that will be given to each child at their first class
(Music Soul and Singing Soul) and provide for a smooth and fun learning process.
The materials that are in the bag will serve you for a long time and will be refilled with new supplies and worksheets at no cost to you.
Our custom music bags with name tags are made of 100% cotton, and will carry all necessary music supplies for each class.
We have designed our own music books for our programs which help build a solid music foundation for budding musicians.
We want our students to have the best learning experience. That's why we prepare all materials for our children to provide a smooth and fun learning process.
Our Classes
To sign up for any class, click the button & fill out the registration form.

*You may withdraw from a class within 24 hours after the first class - just email us at We will refund the tuition and material fee (unopened only).
*Sibling discount is 20% off for the 2d child.
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Irina Myachkin
It's so nice to meet you!
Hi! I am the founder of LittleTone Music. I specialize in teaching little children and helping them start or deepen their musical knowledge in a fun yet effective way. I have over 9 years of experience teaching music to kids of preschool age and up. I've been a group & private class instructor at Opus 1 Music Studio in Silicon Valley, California since 2012. After having moved to Portland, I've decided to take on my individual adventure and share the joy of music with young minds.

Children have an open and absorbing mind and introducing them to music as early as possible should be a goal of every parent and adult. My personal intention is to plant a seed in their hearts and reveal this wonderful world of sounds, vibes, emotions, and moods which will not only give a strong music foundation if they choose music as their primary occupation but also help them grow and bloom into confident and happy adults.

M.A. in Education from North-Kazakhstan state university.
Programs' Details
Each program is individually tailored to a specific group of children based on their age, pace, and tastes.
Explore Your Options
Classes are available in English and Russian. If choosing Russian, please note that all instruction and communication is held in Russian, however, the songs we sing and some materials that we use will be in both languages.
Powered by Nature
Powered by Nature
Stay in Tune with Nature
The songs are carefully chosen each time to match the current season. That lets children stay connected to nature and learn about its patterns in an engaging and fun way.
The Music Bags that kids receive have all necessary things to learn and practice at home. Whenever possible, we use instruments and other supplies made of natural materials.
Themed Classes
Themed Classes
Share Your Tastes
As a part of the program, children are offered themed classes during the course to explore music in a special environment with their favorite heroes or in their favorite places. Themes vary depending on kids' preferences, age, and other aspects. Some examples of themes are Chaikovsky's Swan Lake, In the World of Disney, Singing Around the World, Exploring Composers, and other.
Kids' Jam Night
Kids' Jam Night
Connect with the Community
Every season, we will be having the Kids' Jam Night which is a gathering of all families in a friendly environment where our children will have an opportunity to perform solo or in groups, share their favorite games and snacks, and connect with other like-minded young musicians.

Our Upcoming Kids' Jam will be scheduled soon! Stay in touch!
Invite your friends and have fun with them sharing music, snacks, a playground, and beautiful river views.

Winter Schedule
Starting January 8
8-week sessions 5-8 years old

8-week sessions 5-8 years old

Singing Soul | 60 minutes weekly
Music Soul | 50 minutes weekly
11:00 AM | Singing Soul
12:00 PM | Music Soul

2:00 PM | Singing Soul

6:00 PM | Singing Soul

Join any time (tuition will be prorated)
Join any time (tuition will be prorated)
LittleTone | 45 minutes weekly
Saturdays | 10:00 AM (begins December 3)
Sundays | 10:30 AM (4-5 year olds)
10-week sessions 6-8 & 8-10 years old

10-week sessions 6-8 & 8-10 years old

Group Guitar
Group Ukulele
60 minutes weekly
2:00 PM | Group Ukulele
3:00 PM | Group Guitar

3:00 PM | Group Ukulele
4:00 PM | Group Guitar

4:00 PM | Group Ukulele
5:00 PM | Group Guitar
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