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Concert on a Jetliner's Wing

We've had a unique experience of throwing our acoustic concert on a jetliner's wing in the woods. Luck was on our side when my friend visited Bruce, a former pilot who now lives in the woods of Hillsboro, OR, in his private plane!

Almost 50 years ago, Bruce bought some land in Hillsboro, planted 3500 Douglas Fur trees (!), and then brought the Boeing 727-200 in parts and assembled it back. To read more about his story, please visit his website -

Bruce is a very kind and friendly person; he has visitors all the time, about 15 a day. Locals like to hang out on the wing of his plane even at night. If you ever decide to visit, Bruce will welcome you, let you go inside for a tour, and tell all of his stories of how he got the plane and how you can do it too! :)
Usually, you can go there even without notifying him or making any arrangements. But it'll be nice to send him an email or text before you visit, and see if he needs anything from town such as groceries, as Bruce rarely leaves his plane so as not to miss any new guests. 
Bruce would love to meet Greta Thunberg, and I hope he will someday, as not every person plants 3500 trees and helps our planet to stay green. 

Photo: Me and Bruce

Videos and photos from the concert are coming, but even from these photos, you can see it was super atmospheric and magical as I wanted it to be. We hope to make it an annual event and looking at having another one next year when it gets warm again. 

The photos were taken by a local photographer Matt Grondin
Matt's Instagram: @matt.venturing

Visit for upcoming shows on the plane